When I’m decorating for a party, I often tell my family and friends that “I’ve gone mental again,” but I mean this in a good way! I love to go above and beyond the typical party decorations. Creating a visual plan and then making it come to life, gives me a burst of energy!

I realized my passion for party decorating when I started planning my daughter’s first birthday. I loved the whole process of saving fun pictures, using them as inspiration, and then implementing the design in my own unique way. I love the whole process of putting parties together so much, that I will literally use any excuse to throw a party. Any kind of event, big or small – birthdays, holidays, random Saturday pool parties, you name it- we are having a party! This is where the idea for the name “Party Haus” came from. Over the past few years, our house has become the quintessential party house. I love celebrating people, events, and any day that ends in ‘y,’ all while setting a Pinterest-worthy scene. Having a fun and festive backdrop for your event brings extra life and excitement to the party!