An event stylist takes care of conceptualizing the overall aesthetic for your event, and then brings it to life. A stylist will provide the decorations and props for your event, set the scene for you, and then return later to collect the items. By hiring an event stylist, you will:

Save time.

Time is a precious commodity we don’t ever get back. Planning, shopping, and setting up decorations takes hours and hours. We are all busy people! With Party Haus, you can skip the hours spent perusing Pinterest and Instagram, trying to find the perfect inspiration. Skip the lines at the craft store and burning your hand with the hot glue gun. Skip keeping track of your online carts, and crossing your fingers in hopes that everything ships in time for your party. Let your event stylist take care of all of that for you!

Save money.

Decorations are expensive, and boy do they add up quickly! Party Haus offers a variety of decor and packages to choose from, so that you can make a one-time purchase on all the decor to be used for your party, and be done with it. When you have an event stylist working for you, you won’t have to worry about shipping fees, or getting the most bang for your buck.

Save space.

You can spend a ton of time planning, shopping, and buying all the right decorations for your party. Sure, it will look amazing, but what do you do with it once the party’s over? Throw it all away? Shove it in a closet, taking up valuable real estate for years to come? By enjoying our services, you’re essentially renting partyware, so dealing with the party aftermath is never an issue.

Less stress.

Trying to plan and execute the picturesque party you’ve been envisioning is stressful! Did you order the right kind of balloons? Does your color scheme go together? Did you remember all the little details? Let me think of every last detail and give you a relaxing, memorable event!